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Aloha & Welcome to Mauna Kona Coffee Website

"From our trees to your cup!"

Mauna Kona Coffee, a family operated farm, is located on the upper slopes of Mauna Loa in the Honaunau Valley of Kona Hawaii. "From our trees to your cup" Mauna Kona offers Hawaii's world renowned 100% Kona coffee, at farm direct prices!


Natural shade provided by cloudy afternoons, combined with "high elevation" low nightly temperatures allows the beans to mature slowly, resulting in a high quality bean, packed with tremendous flavor. Ripe Mauna Kona Coffee Cherry!!

Ripe Mauna Kona Coffee Cherry!!

Mauna Kona uses NO pesticides. Mauna Kona is blessed with having deep rich volcanic soil. Each bean is "hand picked" at the point of ripeness- when the beans are red and juicy. Beans are "sun dried" in the traditional way. Beans are carefully processed with "plenty Aloha".

The taste of our coffee has been described as "smooth with buttery and nutty overtones, rich and velvety, without heaviness, with a lingering fruity aftertaste". When was the last time you had a cup of coffee tasting like that? We recommend a rounded teaspoon per six ounce cup---compare that to other brands and you will see why smart people buy Mauna Kona coffee. Why? It's a great deal! $20.00/LB equals approx. 96 - 6.oz cups..That equates to a mere .20 cents a cup!

Ripe Mauna Kona Coffee Cherry!!

Green beans are graded and certified
by the state to guarantee quality and authenticity. Beans are fresh roasted daily and packed in valve sealed packages to ensure freshness.


"If it doesn't say 100% Kona Coffee
it's Not Pure Kona"

Look for the Kona Coffee seal of authenticity. Remember be sure it's pure.

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